Learn more about Sandwich in General.

What does using an RC client mean?

In RC, new features are released for broader testing before being pushed to the stable client.

Why must my PC not be allowed to go to sleep?

Algos cannot run or function correctly in Sandwich when your PC goes to sleep.

How to prevent Phishing attacks and other scams

The best defense is awareness and knowing what to look for.

What are the best laptops for crypto trading?

Choosing a laptop for trading is largely a matter of personal preference, but you can read the full answer here for some factors to consider in your choice.

What do I need to run Sandwich?

All you need to run Sandwich is a Sandwich account and a laptop with Windows 10 or later.

What is the WebSocket Summary and why do I need it? What happens if WebSockets stop working?

WebSocket enables two-way interactive communication sessions between Sandwich and external servers without having to poll the servers for a reply.

Does changing the time interval on the chart change my default setting?

Changing the time intervals on a chart within the DMA window will not affect your default chart settings.

Where is Sandwich installed?

By default Sandwich will install to your local app data directory.

Why is my antivirus marking Sandwich as unsafe?

Applications can experience false positives on antivirus software for various reasons.

Can I copy data out of Sandwich tables for my own analysis?

The Balances, Completed Orders, Exposures, Orders and Positions tabs have a copy button on the left of the data table that allows you to copy your data out of Sandwich as necessary. You can also use Secondary Click (right-click) on an individual cell to copy the cell value.

Are my funds safe? Are my funds insured?

Sandwich does not hold, or have access to, user funds.

Is Sandwich a custodial app?

No, Sandwich does not hold any user funds.

Does Sandwich account for users with higher rate limits?

Sandwich can, where exchanges cater for it.

Can I use Sandwich purely for the PMS?

Absolutely, the Sandwich PMS is powerful and insightful.

What are rate limits and why am I getting warnings about them?

API rate limiting refers to controlling or managing how many requests or calls an API user can make to an endpoint.

Where’s the best place to locate my server for minimum API latency?

Sandwich communicates directly with the exchanges via API so your personal geographic location will not affect your latency compared to direct exchange use.

What does Binance's recent API update mean for Mulvad (VPN) Users?

Binance recently changed its API write requirements to include a whitelisted IP. The whitelisted IP requirement is a form of enhanced security which can be switched off at the user's discretion.

Is Sandwich Hotkey friendly?

Not yet, but we do offer a CLI tool as an alternative.

Does my geographic location affect my use of Sandwich?

It is crucial to ensure that you are in an eligible jurisdiction relevant to a particular exchange before using the specific exchange, directly or via Sandwich

How can I customize my notifications?

Notifications can be managed in the User Settings menu.

How can I change my app theme?

Sandwich has Light and Dark themes available in User Settings.

Why should I be using a VPN?

A VPN protects its users by encrypting their data and masking their IP address, leaving their browsing history and location untraceable.

Does Sandwich have an affiliate program?

Stay tuned to our twitter for an upcoming announcement.

Does Sandwich offer any tutorials on use?

You can find tutorials on how to use Sandwich on our site.

What is Sandwich?

Sandwich is a private, self hosted Order, execution and portfolio management system for trading derivative and spot crypto assets.

What support does Sandwich offer?

Sandwich offers comprehensive support to assist users with any issues they may encounter.

Is Sandwich a crypto wallet?

No, Sandwich is trading terminal.

Can I use Sandwich on my mobile device?
Why did Sandwich Crash? How can I report a bug?

If you encounter a crash or a bug in Sandwich, you can easily send us your logs for further investigation.

How often does Sandwich update? What happens if my Sandwich is not up to date?

Sandwich is regularly updated to improve stability and add features.

How can I contact Sandwich?

You can contact us on Email or Twitter.

How do I check which Sandwich version I am running?

The current app version is conveniently displayed in the header of the application.

Can Sandwich work with an unstable internet connection?

Sandwich relies on a strong, stable internet connection.

Can I use Sandwich on Mac?

Sandwich does not currently support Mac or Linux.

Can I use Sandwich on Linux?

Sandwich does not currently support Mac or Linux.

Why am I getting a “.NET Install Required” Error Message ?

Sandwich requires a specific version of .Net to run.

Can I request new features for Sandwich?

Of course!

Why is it called Sandwich Trading?

Taking inspiration from Sir John, we have designed the best way for you to trade your coins simultaneously on multiple exchanges, without getting your hands dirty.

Is Sandwich Open Source?
Which exchanges does Sandwich support?

Sandwich supports most major exchanges with high liquidity.

What is a Multi Exchange Crypto Trading Platform?

A multi-exchange crypto trading platform is a program that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges using a single interface.