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You will be required to have the latest .NET

System requirements

Windows 10 or later required.  Sandwich is a .Net Windows application and performance on other operating systems is not supported at this time.

The sandwich icon hovering above a computer monitor with a download icon.

From download to trading in under 5 minutes


One click install means no time wasted


Create a new account in seconds

Input and secure API keys

On first use, click "Add Key" to add your API keys and get trading


Trade like a pro and manage your portfolio with ease

Sandwich trading DMA desktop user interface

Product features

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Two monitors with a trading window panel being dragged between them in the Sandwich Trading UI

Extensive UI customisation

Trade with precision and focus using Sandwich. Benefit from multi-screen support, multiple DMAs and customizable widget organization for swift access to essential tools, giving you an unmatched advantage.

Sandwich trading optimized for speed, a computer with speed lights exiting to different exchanges

Optimised for speed

With our lightweight and resource efficient application that is optimally engineered for windows, combined with direct exchange communication, latency is significantly reduced, greatly improving order execution. It cannot get faster than this.

Sandwich Trading enhanced API key management in a self-hosted platform on a computer with keys on a keyring

Enhanced API key management

With Sandwich, take full control of your API keys with self-custody. Your keys are securely encrypted and locked to your PC hardware. Simplify API key management by tagging and adding metadata, ensuring organization and effortless accessibility.

You wouldn’t give your car keys to a stranger. Trade safe.

Get started with Sandwich in under 5 minutes.
No subscriptions, no contracts, only 0.01% per order.