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You will be required to have the latest .NET

System requirements

Windows 10 or later required.  Sandwich is a .Net Windows application and performance on other operating systems is not supported at this time.

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Sandwich Trading Advisory:

No Third-Party Apps

No mobile app is offered through third-party stores; any claiming to be ours is fake.

Official Updates

All genuine apps will be exclusively announced and available on our website.

Trade Safely

Confirm platform authenticity before trading; prioritize security.

Our Commitment

We're committed to a secure environment, valuing your trust and support. Contact us with any questions or concerns immediately.


From download to trading in under 5 minutes


One click install means no time wasted


Create a new account in seconds

Input and secure API keys

On first use, click "Add Key" to add your API keys and get trading


Trade like a pro and manage your portfolio with ease

Sandwich trading DMA desktop user interface

One platform, multiple exchanges

Trade direct-to-exchange(s) from your desktop with Sandwich Trading. Quickly swap between all your favorite instruments to execute quick trades or set algorithms. We're always adding new exchanges for our users, so let us know which you'd like to see integrated with Sandwich Trading next.

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Your Keys, Your Data, Our Mission.

Get started with Sandwich in under 5 minutes.
No subscriptions, no contracts, only 0.01% per order.