What's in your Sandwich?

Trade with multi-screen support, multiple DMAs, and customizable widget organization for swift access to essential tools, giving you an unmatched advantage.

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Two monitors with a trading window panel being dragged between them in the Sandwich Trading UI

Extensive UI customisation

Trade with precision and focus using Sandwich. Benefit from multi-screen support, multiple DMAs and customizable widget organization for swift access to essential tools, giving you an unmatched advantage.

Sandwich trading optimized for speed, a computer with speed lights exiting to different exchanges

Optimised for speed

With our lightweight and resource efficient application that is optimally engineered for windows, combined with direct exchange communication, latency is significantly reduced, greatly improving order execution. It cannot get faster than this.

Sandwich Trading enhanced API key management in a self-hosted platform on a computer with keys on a keyring

Enhanced API key management

With Sandwich, take full control of your API keys with self-custody. Your keys are securely encrypted and locked to your PC hardware. Simplify API key management by tagging and adding metadata, ensuring organization and effortless accessibility.


Easy portfolio interpretation

Effortlessly monitor your balances, positions, orders, and market exposure with our powerful and intuitive data tables. Simplify your crypto trading like never before.


Securely access all of your exchange accounts from one platform

Securely access trading and most other exchange features within a single, 2FA-enabled application. Logging into individual exchange accounts is a thing of the past.

Sandwich Trading user interface showing a list of loaded accounts

Algo manager

Effortlessly execute, manage and monitor multiple algorithms across exchanges and instruments, right down to the order level.

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Direct Exchange Communication
Streamline transactions by eliminating middlemen.
Telegram Integration
Seamlessly integrate with Telegram for real-time updates.
Multi-Screen Support
Enhance your trading experience with multi-screen support.
Tailored Workspace
Customize your Window Layouts to your preferences.
Stay informed with real time instant updates.
Benefit from clear and straightforward billing practices.
Access top-notch customer support.
Desktop Software
Powerful server grade software for your trading needs.
Ensure unparalleled privacy and security through self-hosting.
Navigate your trading and portfolio management effortlessly with user friendly interfaces.
DMA Trading
Make informed decisions with pre-trade analytics.
Execute multiple algorithms simultaneously, including Time Slice, POV, Scale, Swarm, Iceberg, Limit Chase, and Smart TWAP.
Comprehensive Algo Management
Manage your algorithms with ease.
Advanced Algo Metrics and Insights
Gain insights into algorithm performance.
Command Line Interface (CLI)
A command-line interface for advanced users.
One-Click Trading
Execute trades with a quick single click.
Favorites Watchlist
Keep an eye on your preferred assets.
Supported Exchanges
Trade on Binance, Bybit, BitMEX, OKX, Deribit, Kraken Spot, and more.
Manage Margin Mode and Leverage
Control your margin and leverage settings.
Open Multiple DMA Screens at Once
Effortlessly manage multiple DMA screens.
Exchange Rate Limit Monitor
Monitor and manage rate limits effectively.
Security Enhancements
Multi-factor authentication and other security measures to protect your account.
Unified View of Balances, Orders, and Positions
A single view for your portfolio essentials.
Effortless API Key Management
Seamlessly manage your API keys.
Comprehensive Portfolio Dashboard
Get an in-depth look at your portfolio
Seamless Wallet Transfers
Easily transfer funds within an account and between sub-accounts.
Comprehensive View of Ether Wallets
Access an overview of your Ether wallets.
Custom Balances
Manually integrate off-chain balances or assets held off-exchange.
User Currency Selection
Customize your balance, exposures, positions, etc., values to your liking.
Historical Trade Reports
Review historical user trade data at your convenience.
Advanced Tables with Intuitive Grouping, Filtering, and Customization
Enhance data management with intuitive features.
Live Exposure Metrics Across Your Whole Portfolio
Stay informed about your portfolio's risk exposures.
Comprehensive Order Auditor
Receive a detailed audit of your orders for complete transparency.
Overview of All Maintained Websockets
Keep track of all maintained Websockets across exchanges.
View Detailed REST Requests and Rate Limits Per Account
Gain in-depth insights into REST requests and rate limits.
Online Status with Exchange Ping Times
Stay connected with real-time online status and exchange ping times.

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