Settings and Customization

Making Sandwich your own.

Does changing the time interval on the chart change my default setting?

Changing the time intervals on a chart within the DMA window will not affect your default chart settings.

Is Sandwich Hotkey friendly?

Not yet, but we do offer a CLI tool as an alternative.

Can I use Sandwich on multiple screens?

Yes, you can easily detach and arrange each window within the application, either on a single screen or across multiple screens.

Can I customize my Sandwich layout? How do I save and load layouts?

Sandwich offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor your trading experience to your preferences.

What are Favorites and how do I use them?

Favorites in Sandwich are a feature that allows you to easily access and manage your preferred instruments within the DMA (Direct Market Access) window.

What user currencies does Sandwich support? Where do I change my default currency?

By default, the user currency in Sandwich is set to USD (United States Dollar), but you have the flexibility to change it to any currency of your preference.

Does my geographic location affect my use of Sandwich?

It is crucial to ensure that you are in an eligible jurisdiction relevant to a particular exchange before using the specific exchange, directly or via Sandwich

Where can I view my app logs and feedback?

You can access your logs and feedback via the System drop-down menu.

How do groupings and filters work on Algo Manager, Balances, Completed Orders, Exposures, Orders and Positions?

You can group data in Sandwich by using the column headers as a basis for aggregation, which allows you to gain various insights.

How can I customize my notifications?

Notifications can be managed in the User Settings menu.

Can I hide dust in my Balances, Positions and Orders?

Sandwich is highly customizable, so yes.

How can I change my app theme?

Sandwich has Light and Dark themes available in User Settings.

Can I change the number of decimals shown in my balances and positions?

Sandwich is highly customizable, so yes.