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Locally hosted, never share your data
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Execute trades across multiple exchanges
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Monitor your exposure in real time

What makes us different

Diagram of Sandwich Trading's fast and secure peer-to-peer model versus hosted platforms exposure vulnerabilities.

Locally hosted, never share your data

With hosted solutions, users rely on a third party to route their trades. Sandwich allows you to safely store your API keys and route orders directly to the exchange from your PC.

Executing trades across multiple exchanges from a single platform, Sandwich Trading

Execute trades across multiple exchanges

Exchange GUI's are notoriously unreliable. Sandwich has created a bulletproof trade ticket that is standardized across major exchanges. Quickly swap between instruments to execute quick trades or set algorithms.

Various tools and widgets for monitoring exposures in realtime with Sandwich Trading

Monitor your exposure in real time

Sandwich is built to manage every type of crypto portfolio, from simple spot holdings to complex derivatives strategies.

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Getting started is fast and intuitive

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Built by engineers from TradFi

What our users say

"Charting is not really that important, but execution is. Cryptowatch is shutting down but Sandwich Trading is hands down best in class for order management and execution in crypto. Twap, Iceberg, Swarm, Scale, Percent of volume and every customizable order method you can think of, with some goodies on the way."
"Join the upper-crust of trading."
"Best part is the entire system & key management is local. I’ve been watching Sandwich iterate & started using regularly months ago, wouldn’t be surprised to see them as a standard tool for most traders in the next bull. Sandwich Trading need some social features to flex wins."
"Manage multiple exchanges with Sandwich @SandwichTrading , a brilliant new beta UI with features like percentage of volume and TWAP orders. This is also the only software which allows you to trade on dYdX and CEX accounts in one interface."
"The Sandwich boys are quietly building one of the best systems in the game. In an industry rife with unsavory behavior behind the scenes, these guys are some of the most trustworthy with the dev talent & master vision to back it up. Keep your eyes on this."

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