How do I onboard my dYdX accounts?


There are simple steps to follow to onboard your dYdX keys to Sandwich.

To obtain a dYdX API key using Sandwich, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have Metamask installed, as it is required for the onboarding process.

2. Sandwich does not require access to your private key. Instead, it relies on your trusted crypto wallet (such as Metamask) to provide proof by signing two messages.

3. The signing process is similar to the onboarding process on dYdX's website. You will need to sign two messages to complete the process:

  • dYdX Onboarding (mandatory): This message provides read-only access with the ability to cancel orders.  
  • dYdX STARK Key (optional): This message provides full read-write access with trading ability.

4. The signing process is free and does not create any transactions on the blockchain.

By leveraging the signing capabilities of your trusted crypto wallet, Sandwich ensures the security and privacy of your private key while still allowing you to obtain a dYdX API key for trading purposes.