How to setup my Telegram bot


You'll need to use the BotFather (@BotFather) in Telegram to create a bot and associated bot API token. Enter this bot token into Sandwich, under User Settings, as well as your Telegram UserID.

To set up your Telegram bot, you will need to have Telegram and the Sandwich Application open simultaniously.

  1. In Telegram, start a new conversation with the @BotFather on Telegram. The @BotFather is, itself, a bot created by Telegram to allow users to create and manage their bots. Click here to read more from Telegram about creating bots.
  2. Send /newbot to create a new Telegram bot.
  3. Enter a name for the bot.
  4. Give the Telegram bot a unique UserName.
  5. Copy and save the Telegram bot's access API token for later steps.
  6. Select the link provided to navigate to your bot chat.
  7. In Sandwich, navigate to USERS / USER SETTINGS.
  8. Select the TELEGRAM tab.
  9. Enable the feature.
  10. Enter your Telegram Bot API token.
  11. Click on the “Authorize Telegram Account” button.
  12. In Telegram click the START button in the chat or send the word "hello" to your new bot to allow Sandwich to discover your Telegram account.
  13. In Sandwich , tick the UserID that has been linked via the bot token and select PROCEED.
  14. Click on APPLY.

  1. In Telegram, you will get the following message upon successful authorization