Why did my YubiKey stop working?


There are simple steps to follow to troubleshoot your Yubikey.

To ensure your YubiKey functions correctly, follow these steps:

1. Check the physical status of your YubiKey: Plug it in and verify if the LED turns on. If not, try flipping the key over and reinserting it. Some USB ports are oriented differently, so this adjustment may be necessary.

2. Test WebAuthn functionality by following the steps provided HERE. Successfully completing the WebAuthn demo will confirm that the touch sensor on your YubiKey is functioning properly.

3. YubiKeys utilize capacitive touch sensors, meaning that dry skin can make it harder for a touch to be recognized. Applying lotion to your skin may help with this issue. Additionally, applying more pressure when touching the sensor can ensure better coverage of your finger.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your YubiKey is properly powered on and that its touch sensor is functioning as expected.