How can I ensure my API key file is secure?


You can password protect your API keys and lock them to your PC.

To ensure the security of your API key file, follow these guidelines:

1. Password-protect your API keys: Go to Keys > Manage Keys > File > Set Password - Set a strong password for your API key file

Note: Support cannot recover lost passwords, so make sure to remember or securely store your password.

2. Lock your API keys to your PC: Go to Keys > Manage Keys > File > Lock to PC - Locking an API key file prevents its accessibility on any other computer

3. Never share your 2FA token with anyone.

4. Never share your API key information.

5. Create separate API keys for each software application that requires them, instead of sharing API keys between apps.

By adhering to these practices, you can enhance the security of your API key file and protect your sensitive information.